Sonic Awakening

by FPG

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Sonic Awakening by FPG


released July 24, 2015

Adam Horvey - Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocals
Yianni Pantelopoulos - Bass, Backing Vocals
Eliot Torrens - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Recorded at Blue Door Studios and Retrosleep Studios
December 2014 - March 2015.
Produced by Justin Bender

Released July 24th, 2015



all rights reserved


FPG regina, Saskatchewan

~**~*~F P G ~**~*~
3 0 6 L I V E

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Track Name: Buckets
oh my fucken eye
i need to find a way to make my bucket fly into the sky
oh i think i'm going blind
i know it's time to cover everything in slime and i don't mind
oh yeah
my bucket
when I come around, i make a mess
my bucket's overflowing now, onto the ground
i wanna live inside the sound
under the ocean with the cuttlefish, but i'm still figuring out how
Track Name: Fuck The Haters
bitch I don't care what you say
you're just jealous. It's okay
people just want something to talk about
these haters, they just want to hate
doing my thang, so I'm feeling okay
i don't give a fuck what you say
heard you were talking some shit. hating on me like a bitch
good thing I don't give a shit. suck on my muhfuckin dick
fuck the haters
hatin' ass piece of shit
Track Name: Lets Have A Good Time
i sit in my bed cuz i'm so fucken chill
having a good time i think that i will
down for the chill and you know i'm for real
if you don't chill you don't know how I feel
bitch lets have a good time
Track Name: Green Is Not Your Enemy
well it's all around me, so i guess i got nowhere to go
and i guess you found me, so much for taking it slow
and an inspiration has occurred from whatever you said
when in isolation, think about the journey ahead
oh baby boo, why don't you see, the way you move right through me?
i let you know, so you can see, with your own eyes i'm free
i wanna know, where you came from and where did you go
i wanna know, where you came from. i wanna know
goodbye i'm leavin, cuz you know i got a place to be
and there aint no reason to believe this is it for me
it's the end of a season, so you know there's gonna be a change
and I won't believe them. this time it's a little too strange
fallin away from my eyes. i'm not saying i wouldn't be
what you wanna see
cuz you'll be safe in my mind, til the end of time
this is the way its gotta be
you've been the wettest of my dreams. nothing as it seems
i just wanna chase you up a tree
barking and making me scream. now i'm seeing green
and i know it's not the enemy
Track Name: Anal Flakes
tongue inside the booty and it stinks
dirty fucken anal penetration with a lick. fucken sick
you have contracted anal flakes
dirty fucken anus, you put it in your face
now you are infected and it will not go away
you have contracted anal flakes
Track Name: Ratt Piss
rat piss, i drink rat piss
rat piss. that shit
flying peaches everywhere. i don't even give a care
damn i got a lot of hair on my fucken balls
go, ready for the fall. still we gotta learn the biggest lesson of them all
can you hear the call? we have to evolve
people gotta find a better way to live, or not live at all
Track Name: In Your Face
shut up. all you ever do is talk all god damn day
FPG is gonna come and kick you in your face
it's in your face, everyday
I and I getting high, on the vibes all the time
I and I gotta hide in the mind all the time
Track Name: Cup Of Tea
breathing information in a circle. i've been trying to get back to yah
what's with all the funky night and day shit? yesterday was once the future
where did all the fucken water go? i think we accidentally drank it
time and space become irrelevant, now that you've become a blanket
now the time has come for us to go back home to wherever we came from
over here the people are in danger. who am I to come and save 'em ?
i've been set up right now
thank you mama
would you like a cup of tea?
Track Name: Gurf Surfin'
we've got ourselves and we've got our mind
we've got each other so please don't leave me behind
in the state of the world today, you never really know
all I really know, i've got somewhere to go
we've got ourselves and we've got everything in sight
this kind of thing just seems to happen overnight
in a state of emergency you'll find out if it's true
this is a song from me to you
we've got ourselves and we've got a brain
all I know is that we're either gonna work it out or else we're gonna go insane
in an emergency you'll know just what to do
i'm not ready to give up I gotta go figure out if this is true
a song from me to you
i hope you're happy. i hope you're well
i hope that one day you figure out for yourself
i hope you're better where you are now
i know i'll get there one day i just don't know how
Track Name: Inside Ov You
gotta know that everything is the way it should be
i wanna know if everything's okay
feeling like i'm stuck inside a dream simulation
i wanna know if there's another way
running away from everything cuz i hate this place
i don't know what i'm gonna do
feeling unsafe. i had to get back into your space
i wanna live inside ov you
i don't know if i'll ever enjoy how we play this game
even though I know you want me to
kinda hard to wrap my head around all this empty space
but i don't got nothing else to do
look at you now. look at me now. look at us now. no
Track Name: Up N Down
lets go skate!
grab your friends and grab your deck
thrashin hard dont break your neck
ollie over all the holes. im skateboarding with my bros
thrashin up n down the street to get to my location
me and my skateboard is all i need
fifty-fifty grind kickflip combo and land it fakie
nose manual dont land on your face
what you see is what you get
im not finished skating yet, im thrashin hard
ollie over all the holes
skateboard til you break your nose
whip your deck out!
Track Name: Ancient Ways
up and away
gotta get our of this place
we've been here for too long
now were dying to stay
gotta get back to our ways
do you know what it is that Im trying to say?
this society is crumbling away
and we follow the way of the ocean
the ocean stays with me
and we live on the waves and the spaces in between
the ancients let me see
the ancient ways. the angels and the waves
Track Name: Take A Break
walking through the forest by yourself
all there is, is I and eye and theres nobody else
walking through the forest like a creep
you've been up for thirteen days without going to sleep

take a break. its okay, take a break
take a break. i think you should take a break

bunch of dirty dishes in the sink
they've been piling up for weeks and they're starting to stink
sitting on a mountain that you made of reasons why
look in to the future every time you see the sky

my hand is broken. my life is pain
my life is nasty. my balls are drained
jk i'm joking. my life is lame
but if you ask me, it's all the same

babylon is falling to its knees
everybody in here is from different galaxies
recess isn't long enough. i wish that it was long
time to take a break and sing a song!
Track Name: Gutter Lung
looking like a broken plate
feeling like a dirty scrape
scrubbing all around the way
skeeving harder every day
breathing into the slime. wasting all of your time
running around the block smoking your crack rocks
nothing inside your mind. it's void of any thoughts
you know your life is lost inside the black box
you cant escape. gutter lung
sticking to the way you know
all you do is suck and blow
don't know where to go, now you're
stuck in this shit
forever a dirty hoe
Track Name: Laying Down
i'm now laying down in the ground everybody wanna come funk with me
and take my bread, shake my head
i just wanna make my bed n wake the dead
go to sleep. then wake up and i'll be in another place
fifth dimension, bitch i'm up in outer space
im now, laying down in the ground, and it is all because of you
spacing out and seeing circles. everything is green and purple
feeling like a ninja turtle but I'm looking like a mess
i don't know what y'all be thinking. i just know that i be stinking
solar staring without blinking. every time Im seeing less
cryonic embryonic bionic destruction
they fuck you up inside and out like its nothing
i dont even know whats going on at all
why you wanna do me like that? go home and take a bath bitch
Track Name: Jah Know
you know, there are some things that you just don't know
everybody wanna think they know. but deep down you know that they don't know
you know. look around, it's everywhere you go. people talking bout the things they know
but deep down you know that they don't know
you know, jah know
you know, creation as a whole, exists within your soul
so we already know. there's nothing left to know
throw fear into the ocean. relax and take it slow
and Jah will let you know
you know, jah knows i know
you know, i know that you don't know
you know that i don't know
cuz we already know. there's nothing left to know
there's nowhere else to go. you know I love you tho
i hope i let you know
i hope you love yourself
Track Name: Money
way back in the day money grew on trees
and no we didn't buy food everything was free
til the man came around, turned it upside down
now we need to work a job or we're livinin the ground
we got that money bag
we got them dogs and cats, so if you turn around i'll show you where its at
oh, it seems to me that what you want and what you need
are not, ever anything but money
and, it seems to be that every time i try and take my piece
someone tries to take it from me
livin aint easy, when you aint cheesy
gotta get the cheddar but it's never gonna please me
too greezy, the paper game sleazy
but still i'm feelin pretty good, i'm FPGeezy
we got that money bag
we got that paper stack. you better keep your hands offa my sack
Track Name: Feelin' Fine
Falling into itself. Downward spiral that your life's based on
Sort of like nothing else. Everything that you know won't stay long
Gotta get out of here fast. I think that it's about to collapse
How did we even get so deep into this mess? I don't think it was by chance
I can see the end coming fast, in this world that could never last
I can see the end coming fast. This illusion could never last
Whatever's about to happen, I think it was meant to be
I don't know about you but I'm thankful that I get to see
I love everybody and I love the way this energy
Always will be flowing in and out of me I'm feeling fine
Feeling fine. All the time
Feeling like a dirty mushroom spore is growing in my brain
Everything is colourful. It's wonderful and so insane
Looking in the mirror feeling like I'm falling down the drain
I don't know what everybody's looking at, I'm feeling fine
Feeling fine. All the time
Whatever's about to happen guess I gotta wait and see
Weighing down on top everything that is ahead of me
Whatever's about to happen. I think it was meant to be
I don't even give a fuck if there is nothing left of me
Track Name: Smoothie
i'm not sad anymore. i got a long way to go
and I'm thinkin that its gonna be cool. yeah
lay down n talk to me. yeah lay down the truth
lay down on my bed and do what you do
we could go on n on. yeah we could be cool
we could be everything that you want to
we're goin' on. we're coming home
we're gonna go on n on
we're gonna wait
we're gonna take everything and make it great
lady I'm on my knees now. what can I do?
i couldn't believe my eyes. No tell me it's true
we could go on n on. yeah we could be coo
we could be everything as long as you want to
we're gonna wait
Track Name: Modern Day
modern day. people play
play the game. others pay
we play. modern day
feeling shame. for the games
that we play. we feel shame
ashamed. so ashamed
they're not listening. i tell them everyday
the games are insane
it's far too late to put aside your hate
we see what it's for
i've seen crisis, but this is just too much
for me to see anymore
i'm not listening. you cannot fill my head
with lies any longer
it makes me wonder what's even real at all
my mind starts to wander
let it rot. sit and watch
kicking rocks. do this often
i know it's a problem
feeling hurt. eating dirt
feeling worse. this is awesome
this place is forgotten
they're not listening. i tell them everyday
the games, we already lost them