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Released May 22, 2013
Recorded March - May, 2013 at Dimas Studios
Produced by Chris Dimas with FPG


released May 22, 2013

Adam Horvey- Drums
Eliot Torrens - Guitars & Bass
Christy Gordon - Lead Vocals

Bass Guitar on track 14 by Chris Dimas



all rights reserved


FPG regina, Saskatchewan

~**~*~F P G ~**~*~
3 0 6 L I V E

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Track Name: Dilly
sleepwalking through these, acomatosed visions
lack of motor skills, intelligence is lessened
soul sucking habits breaking me down to my bitter defeat
chewing to the bone right after the fucking meat
throwing myself into all my fears
trapped in a room which contains all the tears
spoon fed hate, its the wild debate
between is this life fake
held to a later date
i sold my soul for this broken plate
i smash myself in the fucking face
warped in this fucking place
Track Name: Alright
the gaps are empty that you wish to fill
the shelves are empty and you wish to steal
you're hungry and you're tired of your thoughts
laid out for everyone collecting dust
weakness has overcome the mind
walking out the door, rather than standing in line
finding a source in the comfort and light
smoking endless cigarettes to brighten up your night
loathing in chaos and dousing in gas
who will be the one who lights the match
sparking a flint that leads to the end
in this world of rats it's hard to find a friend
turning black and blue, my mind is fucking gonna be through
can these dots just leave my sight?
ive always wanted a normal life
but who gives a fuck right? I'm alright
lacking a point of view, my mind is gonna be surely through
can these dots just leave my sight?
ive always wanted a normal life
but who gives a fuck right? I'm alright
Track Name: Shake Yah Dam Head
body slowly hits the ground
your ears are pierced from the sound
dizzy emotionless being
nothing is left inside of me
so I shake my fucking head
stomping around awaking the dead
so I shake my fucking head
stomping around awaking the dead
white lines infest my mind
slowly speeding up the time
no alcohol, no living tall
fuck the fucking shopping mall
i'm here now to thrash away
to mosh the fucking day away
nothing but music, So shake your head to the noise
if you don't, I'll assume you fuck little boys
slamming and breaking shit
if you push me your the one I hit
hipsters step away
often chances you're a fuckin lame
Track Name: Ghetto Booty
welfare mom of three sells that ghetto booty
because she's at a loss on how to earn money
addicted to the piercing of her skin
addicted to heroin
everyone looks down on her
like she's a fucking mess
no one knows how much
the dirty looks cause her stress
if she could change you know she definitely could
oh, if she could change you know she definitely would
she may have opened her own doors
but what if her father opened hers
don't judge if you assume you know
sometimes you walk the way the shit blows
Track Name: Coolin'
i'm sick in the head, leave me alone
you can bring me, to my knees
zip into the bag and it hurts in my head
I put it down in your legs
then the mask slowly comes on
it's not weighed out like a herb
It's a castle, none the less
I feel bad giving you it
I don't want to be here right now
See my throat hurts and my legs they are going numb
Where am I? I don't know now
can you help me get up the stairs
i keep falling down
where am I now?  can you please tell me
i need some help down these stairs tonight
zip into the bag and it hurts, in my head
i put it down in your leg
then the mask slowly comes on
Track Name: Space Music
dirty punks, banished to space
snorting bath salts, eating your face
nothing now but creepy sounds
nothing now but three legged hounds
space music
stepping out of time, leaving life behind
nothing here but noise, life is a fucking void
space music
martians fucking instruments
notes only heard in fragments
maybe i'm on acid
Track Name: Wet Brainz
daily dose of nicotine and amphetamine
you've lost your mind, oh it shows
when you were six you tried ketamine
you are now wet brained so it goes
walking around downtown without a thought
people looking at you as you rot
dirty fucking skid on society
a once loved kid inside of me
where am I? how did I get here? i do not know
wet brain in my fucking head, i can tell you so
everybody's looking at me like a..
i don't even know what is going on
Track Name: Ass Clap Anthem
i came here to spoon feed baby
Track Name: Chill Man
i sit around all day, slowly rotting away from decay
sitting on this couch all fucking day
smoking crack all day i am fucking waste
i need help
shaven out and hollowed out
to the fullest of degrees
retinas hurt from staring at the sun
for two minutes or three
what's going on
i'm staring at the fucking dirt
it hurts my eyes
i don't know what is coming out of me inside
brillo pad
Track Name: The Dog Catcher
lurking, stalking you in the night
i know myself it's not right
but in this room it is hard to find a light
tripping all over of my wrongs
back and forth I'm playing pong
i see nothing bad as a problem
dog catcher, body snatcher
a baby killer breaking apart at the core
the shadows wave at me from across the street
i could never tell the right from wrong
is it bad that Hitler is a man that i'd like to meet
or that I've have thoughts about him in a thong
dog catcher
body snatcher
Track Name: Who Wants To Fuck Me?!
who wants to fuck me
you're standing around looking dumb
looking lifeless like a count
tearing your own walls down
your eyes, they're black and brown
there's a rusty spot of grey, in my fucking way
your eyes are rotting from decay
who wants to fuck me ?
whod want to fuck you ?
everybody's looking at me like I'm fucking grey
they think that I'm a homo, but I don't think so
can you please just leave me alone or give me a fucking hit ?
give me some opiates or some endorphins
Track Name: Cookies N Cream
looking for a midnight fight down by the swamp
no one gives you the right, i'll slap your fucking mom
i'm pretty pissed and drunk, just riding along
can't wait to get home and cuddle my bong
plans didn't go as thought out in my head
smashed the window of christ
watched as the bastard bled
eating cookies and cream
finished the devilish deed without a conscious mind
losing track of focus, losing sense of time
mom hear me no more
as I creep through the door
Track Name: Efukt
nothing more disturbingly gross inside the head
than a perverted psycho with a wooden leg
fucking a midget in the ass
doused in glue and glass
got no time on our hands so we sit around and browse that
internet, internet
just to find some sick bitch shitting out her
intestines, intestines
dirty scrubs mixed with a pack of pigs
this world is sickening from head to toe
who's to blame? We all don't know
lets take these midgets and put them in our show
saggy puss is all on your screen
you don't know what you are seeing
you don't know your mind's at a halt
but inside you know it's their fault
so if you need some virtual squeeze
if regular porn ain't fulfilling your needs
thirsty fucking bitches